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I'm sort of new.. More like this is just my introduction post. My boyfriend and I are both 18. I'm Kim and pretty much a mix of white, and my boyfriend, Fredy, is, as he put it "100% Mexican". We're from a small town in California, pretty full of the old fashioned, elderly people, so as you can imagine, a lot of people disapprove of our relationship. Not that we really let it stop us.
I'm just glad such welcoming people & places, such as this, exist. Mixing races is beautiful.

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He's on the right.

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and that's me.. There are none of us together, because he absolutely HATES the camera and will not let me take any =(
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Welcome! Your bf is a hottie ;]

I'm English with a Colombian boyfriend.
you guys look like you would be so cute together!
you're very pretty.

im italian and my boyfriend is costa rican.
Welcome, by the way!
"Mixing races is beautiful." agreed and welcome.
LOFL How random to find you here.
oh my god. LMFAO
This is awesome

I feel like I'm talking to you from the past.
LOL creepyyyyy!
yeah it kind of is.... a little... but still sort of hilariously awesome.
yeah!! i completely forgot i had ever even posted here. i guess it's still sort of relevant since josh is mexican? LOL
Hahaa, the guy I'm seeing is from El Sav.

I met his family and they only spoke spanish.

Remind me to show you pictures.
YES! please do. i have been curious!
in the lj!