Come ON Y'all!!!

Let's get a topic of discussion flowing here!! usually gets people posting...

So, here's my question. 

Have any couples here encountered cultural differences of a sexual nature in your relationship, and if so, how did you overcome them?
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Married to a Boliviano

I'm of Irish heritage and grew up in living in the Washington DC metro area. I love my husband, but I haven't the faintest clue what being in a Bolivian family is like, and I can't catch on to the dynamics. If someone could direct me to some resources, that would be fantastic. I'm sorry to see that this community isn't very active. I hope to see that change soon...

Sad Latina

I wonder sometimes, if their is something wrong with us hispanic women. For some reason online, they have this stereotype(or maybe the truth) of white men, prefering asian women instead of hispanic women. Is this true? it's not that I have a problem with white's with asian, not at all, but it seems like a very common couple, and whites and hispanics being very rare. I live in New York City, where their is a lot of different couples together. But hispanic and white's is very rare. Is it true that white men prefer asian women of hispanic? or fake?

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The baby is here. His name is Lucio and he is now Two weeks old. He is so funny, he has my reddish hair and light skin but has the EXACT features of my husband. He has been in ICU (because he was born with repiratory problems) but we get to bring him home tomorrow! It is also funny because he actually seems to respond better to Spanish than to English. I guess we'll see what happens when he starts talking. :-)

Dual Culture Baby

This is totally random, but I am going to have my baby on Tuesday. I am being induced. I can't wait to see how he is going to turn out because I am really fair and I have reddish hair, and my husband is dark complected and dark featured. I am so excited. I already have a TON of bilingual baby books and and everything. I am soooo happy that the baby gets to grow up in the two cultures!!! :-)
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Cuba to America

This is a fun idea! I suppose you could call me Cuban and I suppose you could call him American. We were both born in America, but I moved to Latin America when I was 9 and my parents are from Cuba. They live in Bogotá, Colombia now. We met freshmen year at university in Spain and now we're doing a master's course in Australia. Life is good!

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Hi! I have been on live journal for about a month and I didn't know that this community was on here. I am SO glad to have found it.

I am Irish American, and my husband is from El Salvador. We have been married for a little over a year and we are expecting our first baby anytime now. He is still in El Salvador, but we are trying to get a visa for him to come back to the U.S. I have lived in El Salvador and I love Latin America and Latin American culture. I am soo happy I found this community!!
klimt woman


Glad to see there is a community like this. I've been trying to find resources and support and it's been difficult so far.

I live in Michigan, USA, am of German and Welsh descent, families are a mix of New England WASPish and Southern background. My fiance is Mexican, of Spanish and indigenous descent, and lives in Michoacan, MX. We are currently in the process of getting him a K1 (fiance) visa. In a month I am going to live there until we get the visa, and then we are both moving back here, at least until he gets permanent residency.

Lately I've found us running up against cultural barriers, misunderstandings, miscommunications. This is to be expected, I suppose, but it is forcing me to take a closer look at how racism and ethnocentrism have indeed affected my perspective. I am struggling with this, because I consider myself to be an ally and an activist on several fronts and, up until recently, floated along blindly under the assumption that I was fairly self-aware and had my privileges in check. Wrong. This is not to say that he hasn't made his own mistakes, or said things that should not have been said, but he has been more understanding and flexible than I have. I feel like in some ways I've taken myself too seriously, and tried to really break down this relationship into leftist political correctness--in action, in thought, etc. It has hindered more than helped, I think, because I am constantly second-guessing myself and not allowing the relationship to just happen. However, I am really invested in identifying and working on aspects of myself that manifest in an assuming or judgemental way. I want to raise children who identify with and are proud of the good in both cultures and who take responsibility to change the bad, while also equipping them with tools to fight racism and prejudice that they will likely encounter as mexican-americans. I guess I am constantly afraid of how exactly I will do this, as their white mother...

Yeah. That's just the beginning, and most of it hasn't happened yet. So, I'm glad to have y'all.