Adventuresof a Transcultural Gal In The Metropoli (djpekky) wrote in parejas_pinata,
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Welcome to the community.

I created this community to share my experiences with others. out of the few relationships I have had, most of them have been interracial.

I recently started a relationship with a guy from India who has a quarter of Italian blood in his heritage. Three years before this, I had a relationship with a fullblooded Indian, but given the circumstances of my current being different from those of my ex, I thought it would be worht giving it a shot again to see what happens this time. Who knows?

My family seems pretty much charmed by this second guy, especially coming to terms with the fact that I am not Catholic. They have relaxed a lot when it comes to my dating Asians, although my mother comes with a stereotype about Indians here and there sometimes.

Anyway, welcome to the community. Do feel free to suggest new interests. I am still working on the presentation of the journal.
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