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Welcome to the community.

I created this community to share my experiences with others. out of the few relationships I have had, most of them have been interracial.

I recently started a relationship with a guy from India who has a quarter of Italian blood in his heritage. Three years before this, I had a relationship with a fullblooded Indian, but given the circumstances of my current being different from those of my ex, I thought it would be worht giving it a shot again to see what happens this time. Who knows?

My family seems pretty much charmed by this second guy, especially coming to terms with the fact that I am not Catholic. They have relaxed a lot when it comes to my dating Asians, although my mother comes with a stereotype about Indians here and there sometimes.

Anyway, welcome to the community. Do feel free to suggest new interests. I am still working on the presentation of the journal.
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This is a good idea. I like white boys.

But that only adds to my estrangement from my family, seeing as I'm a feminist myself. :)
Thanks for starting this community. I am a Puerto Rican married to a Filipino, and trust me, I have some stories to share! I look forward to discussing w/you all. :-)
This sounds like an awesome community. Thanks for starting it up, and I wish you the best in your relationship-sounds like it's going quite well (esp. w/ the parentals) <3
Hey, I hope this community stays around for a while. I'm a white female in a relationship with a Mexican male and it's been quite a ride. I look forward to meet some new people.
this does sound like a good commuinty , ima latino girl dating a white guy / french lol :]
I'm English, my boyfriend is Colombian, so I joined :]
my boyfriends indian too.. im carribean but from white black latino (black and latino overlap) and indian descent, so that still counts as interracial right? Yeah, my mom too has some stereotypical thinking.
Hi, I'm new to this community.

My husband is a gringo, I'm not. We've been married forever. My family has no problems with him. His family has a few issues with me, but that's up to them, I suppose.