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Starings, Stereotypes, Disapprovals, Approvals (From our own community)

Have you seen starings and dissapproval from other Latinos when you and your partner are together?

I know several Latina friends who get bothered when a Latino guy dates a non-Latina. The excuse they mention is that there are few worthy Latino guys according to them. Some of these Latina girls are in my family.

Some guy friends of mine also get annoyed at that, especially (but not exclusively) when the guy in question is a white American. I remember when my sister was dating a Mexican American. At that time I was on a date with my then future boyfriend, who was an Indian. The day before, my sister's then boyfriend also noticed my also Indian best friend picking me up. When I came from my date with my ex, the Mexican American guy said "I have noticed you hung out with two Indian guys. What's wrong with us Latinos?"

Last sunday, I was in the mall with my current boyfriend. Curiously the Indians at the mall did not detect us, but I saw a Latina woman staring at me. I never thought that would be possible, but that day in the mall it happened.

What many South American Latina mums (in particular) seem to be approving of, even over Latinos, is white American husbands. They go and say that they are the best quality, etc. Some South American Latina girls agree, but they say that, instead, white women are bitches. My sister was talking about how bitchy were two white friends married to Latinos when they even forgot to take the trash out or wash their dishes.

My brother is engaged to a white American girl and one of my sisters confessed to me in private that my brother's fiancee is wonderful, but if there was a Latina with the same qualities, she would prefer the Latina girl for my brother.

In cases like mine, dating Asian guys, or my cousin who dated an Arab, we have had the same annoying comments and questions: "You are feminists, aren't they in total discord with that?", "Aren't you afraid the guy hits you?" "Are you willing to become a housewife?" "Aren't you afraid they leave you for someone of their race/culture/religion (or an arranged marriage, etc.)"

A Colombian friend of mine dated a Chinese girl for a while. They both were in Miami, which is like, full of Latinos and this is what he told me "I mean, I was never popular among Latina girls and yet in Miami they came and looked at us in anger, as if we were doing something wrong for dating each other.

These are my own particular experiences regarding me and others related to me. What has been your experiences? Have been similar or different to these ones?
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